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Frédérique Constant produces high-quality watches at affordable prices. Their goal is to offer classic, quality timepieces to as many watch lovers as possible. Even the most complicated in-house calibers are comparatively affordable. Frederique Constant makes flawless designs, technical innovations, and impeccable quality its highest priorities.

Frederique Constant was founded in 1988 by Aletta Stas-Bax and Peter Stas. Four years later, they presented their first six models. Today, the manufacturer has an exceptional range of in-house  production.

From the first design sketches to the finishing touches, Frederique Constant is involved in every step. Some of their watchmaking highlights include in-house calibers with a perpetual calendar or tourbillon.

vintage rally

Vintage Rally Chronograph

Frederique constant celebrates the Austin Healey Automobiles with the new limited edition Vintage Rally Chronograph. Inspired by the aesthetics of classic automobiles, its elegant curves and design, these timepieces express a perfect pairing between the automobile and watch world’s.

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ladies auto

Ladies Automatic

The Frederique Constant Ladies Automatic Collection has been designed by women for women. Classic and elegant, feminine and sophisticated, sexy in every detail, these beautiful mechanical timepieces have been developed with passion to reflect the values and aspirations of the women of today.

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Manufacture Collection

The Manufacture Collection is the pride and joy of the brand. With over 20 in-house calibers in its portfolio, Frederique Constant can definitely assert its status as a true manufacture and allows the brand to offer a range of beautifully designed watches of high quality at accessible luxury prices. Swiss distinction is assured thanks to the attention-to-details ideal that goes into handcrafting in-house movements, the high-end finishing and the elegance of the timepieces.

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FC_Web_FJBenjamin_E-Commerce_Collection_FC-282AN5B4 Frederique Constant | Sincere Watch

Horological Smartwatch Collection

The Horological Smartwatch makes the perfect modern everyday companion. Using Bluetooth technology, this masterpiece of Swiss watchmaking pairs with your smartphone and tracks your daily activities, monitors your sleep, displays a second time zone, and works as an alarm. The watch automatically sets itself – ideal for frequent travellers – and also notifies you about new e-mails and missed phone calls by vibrating softly.

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FC_Web_FJBenjamin_E-Commerce_Collection_FC-225GT5B6 Frederique Constant | Sincere Watch

Classics Collection

Elegant lines and a timeless appearance are the prime features of every watch within the Classics Collection. The success of this collection is based on the attractive ratio between the high-end elements and its incomparable value. Intricate details, not only aesthetically but also at the technical level, using the finest materials and the most advanced techniques.

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Frederique ConstantFrederique Constant LADIES AUTOMATIC DOUBLE HEART BEAT FC-310LGDHB3B4
Frederique ConstantFrederique Constant LADIES AUTOMATIC DOUBLE HEART BEAT FC-310BRGDHB3B6
Frederique ConstantFrederique Constant VINTAGE RALLY HEALEY CHRONOGRAPH FC-397HGR5B6
SGD 3,920.00 (SGD 3,663.55 before GST) each
Frederique ConstantFrederique Constant CLASSIC INDEX AUTO FC-303MPWN1B6B
SGD 1,700.00 (SGD 1,588.79 before GST) each