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A Horological Partner for All of Life’s Moments


“Passion for Progress” is at the heart of our company’s culture. The designers and watchmakers continuously develop timepieces which provoke thought and exhibit confidence. Maurice Lacroix answers questions few other brands have even thought to ask. We avoid formality and embrace current trends with an eclectic mix of influences from all areas of life, not just watchmaking, resulting in imaginative timepieces.

There has never been a better time to invest in a Maurice Lacroix, a horological partner for all of life’s moments. The time has come to choose. Your time is now.

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Maurice Lacroix has created an iconic timepiece that encapsulates Swiss watchmaking know-how and the company’s exceptional design expertise. The AIKON delivers superb value, standing out from the crowd with its unique and admirable array of qualities. The latest models from the family is updated with an automatic caliber. Your time is now. It is time to choose your own AIKON.

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The Maurice Lacroix Eliros collection unveils a elegant and classic asethetic with a high recoginition value.The Eliros models are powered by a high-quality Swiss quartz movement and equipped with the Maurice Lacroix characteristics such as the sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating and a stainless steel case water-resistant up to 5 atm.

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It is Friday night. The weekend has begun. Slipping into a little black dress and stepping into your high heels, you embrace glamour. Expertly applying your makeup, you accentuate every beautiful line at your disposal. A graceful timepiece delightfully enhances your wrist, completing your stylish ensemble. The Fiaba is your chosen companion for this fun-filled time in your life.

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Les Classiques

Classic styling can never fall out of fashion. The Les Classiques collection emanates this timeless quality through a blend of contemporary design and classic detailing. Each piece references a more sophisticated, bygone era, yet is perfectly equipped for the demands of the modern world.

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The Pontos collection has an enviable reputation for legibility. The very epitome of rigorous expertise, the timepieces in this thoroughbred collection evoke a quest for artistic perfection, underpinned by contemporary refinement. Pontos time passes in a world of clean lines, firmly embedded in the twenty-first century. Its bold architectonic character emerges at first glance. Its mechanical heart lends substance and character.

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Discover the Maurice Lacroix Craftsmanship & Savoir-Faire

Swiss craftsmanship, innovative new ways of depicting time and a respect for watchmaking tradition are successfully fused to deliver outstanding watches.

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Maurice LacroixMaurice Lacroix ELIROS LADIES DATE EL1094PVP014111
SGD 940.00 (SGD 878.50 before GST) each
Maurice LacroixMaurice Lacroix ELIROS LADIES DATE EL1094SS0011101
SGD 850.00 (SGD 794.39 before GST) each
Maurice LacroixMaurice Lacroix ELIROS LADIES DATE EL1094SS0011501
SGD 1,020.00 (SGD 953.27 before GST) each
Maurice LacroixMaurice Lacroix ELIROS LADIES DATE EL1094SS0013111
SGD 850.00 (SGD 794.39 before GST) each