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NEWS - Since its founding in 1992, the flamboyant Master of Complications has always relished transcending watchmaking traditions, purveying avant garde works of wearable art. So much more than just a time-telling device on the wrist, a Franck Muller timepiece bestows the power of escapism onto its wearers - to stand out from the crowd, meander away from the humdrums of life, and defiantly saunter into the face of any storm.  

Entering the horological fray 4 years ago, the young but intrepid Vanguard collection has since spawned several iconic ensembles like the Vanguard Grande Date Chronograph, Vanguard 7 Days Power Reserve Skeleton and Vanguard Gravity Tourbillon, and even a wistfully romantic ladies collection.  Further, having unveiled a legion of visionary creations for over two and a half decades, this year, the dauntless marque has been principally inspired by the ever-flowing essence of life – our oceans.  And where better to jive to life’s jubilees than at the sandy seaboard – where the sea meets the land in beach paradise ambiance.  

As a world exclusive for, in the spirit of festivity, Franck Muller has created the Vanguard Mykonos, limited to 28 pieces only. In a brilliant play of colours, its yellow inner bezel likens the last glimpses of sunlight beaming across a wide expanse of blue sea, in a panoramic sunset. But wait, its vivacious colour scheme is also reminiscent of pastel yellow reflections on calm waters, when the moon and stars come decked out to party.

Upon adorning such alluring seafaring blue and yellow accents on the wrist, the only thing missing on the same arm is a Pina Colada with a paper umbrella, complemented by flashy boardshorts and shiny shades.  With its vibrant playful colours supplementing any masculine wrist, one is all but aroused by the salty sea breeze upon the skin of your face, whilst reverberating from the bongo drum beats of the live beach band amidst thousands of partygoers, in the Greek Island of The Winds – Mykonos.

Flip the nautical instrument onto its side, and one can admire the seamless three-piece polished stainless steel case construction, with a white resin insert adorning its centre.  Its jaunty curves extend all the way to the case back, which conforms to the contours of the wrist, allowing for supreme comfort and wearability. 

And for the first time in a Franck Muller timepiece, the sleek sheeny case without lugs is complemented by a fabric nato strap, aptly decked out in matching yellow, blue and white. To secure the laid-back timepiece to the wrist, simply fasten the stainless steel ardillon pin buckle onto a punched hole along the yellow carpet and insert the strap end through a series of three slim stainless steel loops christened “VANGUARD”, “FRANCK” and “MULLER” (basic sailor knotting prowess required).

When that exotic escape beckons, looping on this suave time machine is akin to setting foot on a luxury weekender yacht on a lazy sunday afternoon cruise to nowhere.  Once the sensations of splendour settle, just a little, its aura of lavish blissful laziness will be its owner's perennial international passport to countless beach party escapades.

Explore the World Exclusive - Vanguard Mykonos here.

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